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Design Team : Katerina Vordoni, Fania Sinaniotis, Martha Georgiou-Richter, Katerina Synodinou

Photos: George Kordakis

Year of completion: 2014
Location: Glyfada, Attiki, Greece

The project refers to the design of working space for a company with main focus the enhancement of the team’s cohesion and collaboration. The core aim was the space to promote and enhance communication and cooperation and to create a feeling of a home – like environment. 

 The offices are located in an existing building therefore the outline could not change, but changes were made in the configuration of the space that created a easy, continuous flow within the space. Openings were created in the partitions to generate visibility and awareness between the various working areas and activities. Attention was given to the creation of break out spaces and to the incorporation of differentiated activities,  hence increasing the team’s social interaction and creating a more relaxed working environment.


The selection of materials and furniture were made having as reference the brands identity colors and aiming in the creation of  a home – like feeling. In collaboration with oikos shop and Maya Zafeiropoulou variation of furniture were selected that differentiate from the corporate aesthetics.  

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