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Design Team: Katerina Vordoni, Fania Sinaniotis in collaboration with K. & D. Karampatakis

Photos: George Kordakis

Year of completion:
Location: Kastri, Athens

“Woodwing villa_ge” is a group of residences in Kastri, which is constituted by three different typologies, a detached house, a building of four apartments and three tangents maisonettes. Surrounded by pine trees, the residences are totally adapted in their environment. Our starting point  the American modern architecture of 30’s-70’s. Predominant materials of this period, such as cedar wood, slate, concrete and  white polished surfaces were applied in new dimensions maintaining the proportions in combination with modern techniques. These materials were applied to the exterior as geometric volumes that compose the l form of the whole. The simple geometry of the ground and first floor allow the light, angular surface of the roof to fly on top.

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