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Design Team : Katerina Vordoni, Fania Sinaniotis

Year of completion: 2009
Location: Spetses, Attica, Greece

 The restoration of historical hotel “Poseidonion” in Spetses required the collaboration of different teams of engineers in the all levels of planning. With emphasis in the design of internal spaces, the hotel was trested with absolute respect in his season and background.Aiming at the re-operation of the hotel and its engagement to the modern needs, without loosing anything from the old glamour, the interventions were in complete agreement with the existing aesthetics. The building was restored in its entity, while the old equipment was replaced with the latest. The aesthetics of all internal spaces reflect a fresh atmosphere.

 The sense of decoration is simultaneously classic, with nostalgic elegance and discreet luxury. The interior is imperial, comfortable and light, with objects and colors that tie up the past, present and future, awakening memories in each visitor. The furniture that were selected have an abstractive classic aesthetic and they combine materials and styles from the beginning of the century, with a few modern touches. The Spa is developed around a quiet Mediterranean garden which constitutes the space of relaxation and well-being. In the centre of the garden the water element dominates in the form of a swimming-pool. The colors, aesthetics and objects are inspired from the local architecture with a touch of minimalism and simplicity.

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