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Design Team : Katerina Vordoni, Fania Sinaniotis

Year of completion: 2009
Location:Piraeus, Attica, Greece

The project refers to the design of an office for a development company, consisted of young people. The office is located within an office building and the surrounding outline of the space is a given condition. The aim was to readjust and reshape the initial space in order to suite the new functional prerequisites having as design guides fluidity, transparency and fluctuation.

Defining as the starting point the idea of “fluctuating privacy”, the office was divided in two “monochrome” units identifying the private and public sectors. The light beige unit allows space for team work, brainstorming, research whereas the dark brown one hosts the conference room and adjacent to its sides the head offices. Along these coherent yet distinctive zones functional aspects are hidden; sliding metal panels create a “mood board” waiting for ideas and references to be attached on, a multicolored wallpaper of pantone colors is revealed as you slide the panels revealing a grid with color choices, monochrome shelves create a library for reference books and a hidden refreshment bar is offering a pleasant break. The arrangement of the office is as such as to create alternative relationships of privacy and coexistence of different moods and modes within one space.

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