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Design Team : Katerina Vordoni, Fania Sinaniotis

Photos: George Kordakis

Year of completion: 2009
Location: Marathonas, Athens, Greece

“Katikia 1” is a house located on a flat piece of land, surrounded by a environment of rural character with intense natural vegetation and cultivations of olives and vines. In this plot pre-existed the ruins of one rural house that constituted the base for the existing residence. The aim was the reconstruction of old residence and the maintenance of the traditional typology and architecture.

According to this logic, with respect to the history of the building, the functions were adapted in the existing spaces. Particular importance was given in the maintainance of individual elements as the ovens and in the proportions of spaces. Externally the dominating elements are the white crude plaster and the olive green colour that was selected for the windows.

​Having followed the pre-existing configuration the functionality of the spaces is characterized by a discontinuity which was usual in traditional rural houses, otherwise known as “katikies”. The “Katikies” were comprised by a series of small individual mono-spaces that contained different uses for example living room, kitchen, laundry. Following this methodology the spaces communicate externally. One room has his own bathroom but does not have access to the kitchen and the other is connected to the kitchen but has exterior access to the bathroom.

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