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Design Team : Katerina Vordoni, Fania Sinaniotis

Photos: VOIS

Year of completion: 2009
Location: , Athens, Greece

Free_office refers on the design of Free shop’s boutique head office .Free shop being a leader of style boutique, offering a carefully edited selection of fashion designer clothing, a fun and exciting shopping experience was a challenge for us to create an equivalent environment that was a coherent development of the brand. Corporative values such as progressive, alternative, strict and solid colors as black & white defined the starting point. The given condition of the space, divided in smaller rooms was a restrictive element. The aim was to create a continuous space without altering the existing partitions. A ”functional black strip” was the visual connection of the office. The strip starts and ends at the same point, through its path its functions vary, from being a magnetic wall, to a light shelf for fashion magazines to a boxed book shelf to a hanger. Free_ office is decorated in black and white furniture where some are custom  made emphasizing the brand values and visual coherence.

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