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Design Team : Katerina Vordoni, Fania Sinaniotis, Martha Georgiou-Richter
Location: Kerameikos, Athens, Greece

“Kidcity” is a project that  aims in  creating  a kids friendly environment that will be a discernable characteristic of the new neighborhood of Kerameikos.The project evolves in different scales and typologies but shares a common question: “How can architecture with its configuration and form affect, facilitate and improve the development of physical and behavior aspects of a child ?”The basic idea is that the building “Kinder-garden” becomes a mock – up of the city _ a kid city. The layout is organized in two main sections public and private creating areas of release and concentration. The configuration of the building offers an experience in small scale of the greater environment that the kid is going to live in the future. The morphological approach was based on smooth, soft, kid-friendly shapes.The neighborhood similarly becomes an area where kid- friendly interventions are going plugged in. Installations, new typologies, street furniture are organized to operate according to kid’s behavior aspects and needs.

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