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Design Team : Katerina Vordoni, Fania Sinaniotis

Photos: Vaggelis Paterakis

Year of completion: 2009
Location: Marathonas, Athens, Greece

The site is located at the area of Marathon at the area where  “The Battle of Marathon” took place in 490 BC between the   Persians and the Greeks. A glimpse at their great strategic plan of the Greek army became the source of design inspiration  for a perfect symmetrical house in the  flat field in marathon.The layout of the Greek army that led them to victory  was a  ”Π shape” with a weaker center and stronger edges.  Defining as the starting point the” Π shape”, the building evolves in such a way that it creates a perfect symmetry and mirror of itself . This symmetry extends to the surrounding field.The site is treated as a whole as a perfect “battle _field” of symmetry and order.“Battle _field” is configured in two main elements the house and the garden. Each one offers very different functions but in a very symmetrical and coherent way that complete and enhance the connection between the exterior and interior.

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