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ARCH ATHENS-Non-profit arts organisation

Design Team : Katerina Vordoni, Fania Sinaniotis, Katerina Synodinou, Maritina Diamantopoulou

Founder: Atalanti Martinou

Photos: Athina Souli

Year of completion: 2019
Location: Plaka, Gkoura 5, Athens, Greece

ARCH is an independent, non-profit arts organisation founded in 2019 by Atalanti Martinou.Through its residency programme, conducted 2-3 times a year, and corresponding exhibitions, public workshops, lectures and events,the organisation seeks to generate opportunities for individuals in the visual arts to expand their contributions, further their artistic practices and establish connections and collaborations in Athens and abroad. In addition to its year-round programme, ARCH houses a permanent library featuring over 1,400 modern and contemporary artbased publications from museums, galleries and institutions worldwide.
The architectural concept reflects a synthesis of elements from the Modern Movement of the 1930s throughout, while maintaining the character and minimalist design of a contemporary exhibition space within. Windows that extend vertically across the full height of the building’s exterior create a welcoming atmosphere between its bold presence and its peripheral environment, while windows that scale multiple floors of the interior invite visitors to experience its various levels and their individual functions as a kind of vertical open plan.

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